Littlerock Grade School Images 1953-1961


Littlerock Grade School early 1900s (courtesy of Littlerock Fire Department)

FIRST GRADE: 1953-1954

Front Row: Anne Marie Sandy, Mary Ann Brown, Doris Hall, Linda Otto, Sue Morrow, Diana Hendricksen, Linda Cooper, Janis Brown, __________

Second Row: Olive Gladwyn, ___________, Cindy Schuler, Mary Hansen, Carol Vaughn, Nancy Rutledge, Jimmy Martinson, __________, Joey Morrow, __________

Top Row: ___________ (teacher), Dudley Bay, David Houston, Danny Weber, Carl Parkhurst, Mervin Winkle, Tommy Lester, Mark Moore, _________

SECOND GRADE: 1954-1955

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THIRD GRADE: 1955-1956

Front Row: Danny Weber, Mervin Winkle, Joey Morrow, David Huston, David Long, Linda Cooper, Kathy Collins, Mary Ann Brown, Anne Marie Sandy

Second Row: Donald Grandorff, Janis Brown, Diana Hendricksen, Doris Hall, Cindy Schuler, Harold Kirkham, Jimmy Long, Linda Otto, Tommy Lester

Third Row: Carol Vaughn, Mary Hansen, Nancy Rutledge, Stanley Hall, Olive Gladwyn, Neal Reambeault, Linda Marie Clark, Carl Parkhurst, Gary Lowery

Top Row: Mrs. Ruth Holm (teacher)

FOURTH GRADE: 1956-1957

Front Row: Diana Hendricksen, Doris Hall, Mary Brown, Linda St. Peter, Anne Sandy, Cindy Schuler, Kathy Collins, Linda Cooper

Second Row: Olive Jensen, Karen Blanchard, Nancy Rutledge, Mary Hansen, Carol Vaughn, Vicki Sutmiller, Jeanne Hunt, Linda Otto, Janis Brown

Top Row: Mervin Winkle, Carl Parkhurst, Danny Weber, Gary Lowery, Stanley Hall, John Rundy, Harold Kirkham, Mrs. Margaret Jewett (teacher)

FIFTH GRADE: 1957-1958

Front Row: Carl Parkhurst, Jerry Holmes, Joe Morrow, Mervin Winkle, Harold Kirkham

Second Row: Gary Lowery, Kathy Collins, Linda Cooper, Linda Otto, Sue Morrow, Doris Hall, Cindy Schuler

Third Row: Diana Davenport, Mary Anne Brown, Linda Marie Clark, Joan Dobson, Janis Brown, Vicki Sutmiller, Jeanne Hunt, Mrs. Ilene Williams (teacher)

Top Row: Danny Weber, Stanley Hall, Olive Jensen, Carol Vaughn, Mary Hansen, Nancy Rutledge, Karen Blanchard, Neal Reambeault

SIXTH GRADE: 1958-1959

Front Row: Carl Parkhurst, Stanley Hall, Donovan Haider, Mervin Winkle

Second Row: Jerry Holmes, Nancy Rutledge, Karen Blanchard, Olive Jensen, Carol Vaughn, Mary Hansen, Vicki Sutmiller, Linda Otto

Third Row: Gary Lowery, Jeanne Hunt, Cindy Schuler, Linda St. Peter, Joan Dobson, Janis Brown, Danny Weber, Harold Kirkham, Mrs. Lucille Ireton (teacher)

Top Row: Joey Morrow, Doris Hall, Linda Cooper, Elaine Shoop, Sue Morrow, Mary Brown, Stephen Swim, Anne Sandy

SEVENTH GRADE: 1959-1960

Front Row: Mervin Winkle, Carl Parkhurst, Joey Morrow, Stephen Swim

Second Row: Harold Kirkham, Linda Cooper, Deloris Hall, Anne Sandy, Janis Brown, Cindy Schuler, Susan Morrow, Stanley Hall

Third Row: Joan Dobson, Elaine Shoop, Gary Lowery, Jerry Holmes, Donovan Haider, Danny Weber, Karen Blanchard, Linda Otto

Top Row: Mr. Howard Brooks (teacher), Vicki Sutmiller, Olive Jensen, Carol Vaughn, Nancy Rutledge, Mary Hansen, Linda St. Peter


Front Row: Anne Sandy, Roger Downs, Roy Zimmerman

Back Row: Donna Otto, Freddy West, Arlene Winkle, Nancy Rutledge, Kenny Poyner

EIGHTH GRADE: 1960-1961

(Help: This image was scanned from the 1961 issue of The Tawashi annual.  We are looking for a good copy of the actual class photo.)

Front Row: Joe Morrow, Doris Hall, Linda Cooper, Janis Brown, Anne Sandy, Joan Dobson, Mary Ann Brown, Elaine Shoop, Mervin Winkle

Second Row: Gary Lowery, Jerry Holmes, Carol Vaughn, Linda Otto, Mary Hansen, Nancy Rutledge, Olive Jensen, Vicki Sutmiller, Linda St. Peter, Carl Parkhurst, Harold Kirkham

Top Row: Amelia Howell, Danny Weber, Donovan Haider, Ray Bunce, Stanley Hall, Star Simmons, Mr. Athay (teacher)


Front Row: Elaine Shoop, Linda Cooper, Anne Sandy, Cindy Schuler, Janis Brown

Back Row: Mervin Winkle, Linda St. Peter, Stanley Hall, Joan Dobson, Donovan Haider, Danny Weber, Carl Parkhurst, Joey Morrow, Harold Kirkham, Gary Lowery

Background (on teeter-totter): Nancy Rutledge on left and _________ on right. 

(Photo courtesy of Merv Winkle)

Graduation certificate (Image courtesy of Mary Hansen)

Safety patrol certificate (Image courtesy of Mary Hansen)

Letter award certificate (Image courtesy of Mary Hansen)