Grand Mound Grade School Images  1953-1958

Grand Mound Grade School was consolidated into Rochester Grade School at the end of the 1957-1958 school term.

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Grand Mound Grade School 1950s (courtesy of Bill and Dot Hughey)

Grand Mound Grade School Pennant 1950s (courtesy of Bill and Dot Hughey)

FIRST GRADE: 1953-1954


SECOND GRADE: 1954-1955


THIRD GRADE: 1955-1956

Front Row: Gary Seymour, __________, Dale Hughey, ________, Carol Gehrman, Leta Blurton, Butch Thompson

Second Row: Leyland Whittaker, Bob Darling, Alan Ritchey, Sue James, Wes Phelps, George Wickholm, Mrs. Gilleland (teacher)

Top Row: Bonnie Schrader, Dot Hughey, ________, Curt King, Patty Keesee, LaVern Delaney, Sally Slusher

FOURTH GRADE: 1956-1957


FIFTH GRADE: 1957-1958

Front Row: Butch Thompson, Leta Blurton, ______, ______, ______, Carol Gehrman

Second Row: Danny Taylor (or Terry Towner?), Sally Slusher, George Wickholm, Dot Hughey, LaVern Delaney, Curt King, Dale Hughey, Mrs. Gilleland (teacher)

Top Row: Alan Ritchey, Sue James, Leyland Whittaker, Bob Darling, ______, Bonnie Schrader