2015 RHS Distinguished Alumni Award:

 Curt King

by Bob Darling, president, RHS Class of 1965

The best way to introduce Curt King and why he is our nominee as the distinguished alumnus from the RHS Class of '65 is to read his own words on how he got started and why he continues today:

Immediately upon graduating, I spent a month with a missions group, in Mexico.  As a young boy I had felt the "call" to help those less fortunate than me, and after I became a born again believer in Christ, it began to tug at my heart. 

I worked for Drew's Berry farm for awhile, then Boeing for 6 months, then got my draft notice.  I worked with Pat Slusher (another RHS graduate and Navy recruiter at the time) to let me join the Navy Reserve, and he helped me join.  I was active duty for about 2 years, just before leaving I met my wife (Mary) in San Diego, and 6 months later we got married and moved to Centralia, since I could not find work in San Diego.  I was half owner of King Drilling Company for awhile, then was a communications officer with the Washington State Patrol for awhile, then Assistant Manager for Rogers Machinery.  I eventually ended up back with the family well-drilling company. 

However, helping the poor and traveling was in my heart.  There was a drought in Haiti, and through the local Free Methodist church in Centralia, spent a month in Haiti where I found an old drilling machine.  I came home, raised funds, and went back with my wife and our 3 kids ages 2, 4, and 6.

All credit goes to my Savior Jesus Christ, and to my wife and kids for the accomplishments.  A long time ago, when we were living on the little island off the coast of Haiti, working, the 5 of us were living in a little 26' travel trailer, trying to help, since there had been no measurable rain for about 3 years, I had a special moment with God.  I came back down the mountain trail in our old surplus army truck, and found my wife and 3 kids all crying.  It was extremely hot, things were not going well, and I felt so bad for them.  Later that night as I walked out to lock the gate, the moon and stars were bright and clear.  I told God I couldn't do this anymore, it was too much work, and I couldn't stand to see the family suffer.  If ever I heard God, it was at that moment,  I heard, "Curt, if you take care of what is important to me, I will take care of what is important to you."  And so, as I continued on with my work, God has been faithful.  I have an amazing family of my beautiful wife, three awesome kids, seven grandkids, and one great grandkid.  God is true to his word.

Curt has provided safe drinking water to not only the country of Haiti (where he started his journey over 30 years ago and continues even today), but also in Ethiopia and to start drilling wells in the country of Sudan very soon.  These wells provide safe drinking water to villages which are plagued with water borne illnesses and dysentery because of polluted water sources.  Their drinking water was previously from streams or cattle ponds where people bathe and gather water, side by side.  Each safe water well saves thousands of lives.

Obviously, many of these areas have little or no road systems and infrastructure to support the movement and maintenance of the equipment required for him and his crews to do their work.  Much of their time is spent on the maintenance and the difficult process of moving their equipment from one venue to another.  Also, the governments are not always the most helpful for trying to get something like wells created so dealing with all the subsequent struggles just to allow them to do their work is a big issue.  I don't have an exact count of how many wells Curt and his teams have drilled over the thirty plus years but he estimates well over a million people drink safe water from his wells on a daily basis.  I think that is truly amazing!

When not on the road, Curt and his wife live on a boat in the Seattle area.  They do come back to the Northwest periodically but spend much of their time traveling around the world helping people and spreading the Lord's word.

Curt does have a blog on the Internet (the source of some of this information).  If you're interested in seeing pictures of him, his wife, and his team at work, check out  He also has shared some very interesting situations that have arisen over the years and how his faith and personal feelings have helped to see him through difficult times.  You can also find his blog by just doing a search on "Curt King well-drilling."

I also want to thank Curt's sister, Carol, for her assistance in getting me in contact with Curt and providing some very helpful information.

Curt King, approximately age 3


Curt King, Rochester High School, Class of 1965 

Curt King drilling a well in Haiti

Mary and Curt King drilling a well in Haiti


Another Curt King drilled well providing safe drinking water for Haitians